Holistic Treatment for Depression

Do some or all of these symptoms describe you?

These are all symptoms of depression, which is a painful, debilitating systemic disorder involving all parts of a person—body, mind, spirit, and emotion.  Therefore, treatment for depression needs to address all these areas. 

Psychotherapy and medication are often effective in treating depression.  Some people find, however, that these treatments are not enough and need to add other activities to the treatment of their depression.  Others, for various reasons, would like to refrain from taking medication, don't have the finances or insurance to enter into psychotherapy, and welcome the peer contact involved in a group.

That's why I offer Lifestyle Change Groups, based on my own clinical experience, and on the work of Dr. Stephen Ilardi described in the book, The Depression Cure (Da Capo Press, 2009). Participants learn how to:

The groups run for 10 weeks and involve a weekly educational group, plus other structured group activities, totaling approximately 3 hours per week. 

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All you have to lose is:


Using the same framework in individual psychotherapy that I use in the Lifestyle Change Groups, I help people do the things they need to do to heal from depression.  Also, we explore the life circumstances and experiences, both past and present, that may be contributing to a person's depression. 

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